Food and medication for the plane

You can take a variety of food and medicines on board the aircraft, but it is important to follow certain rules and restrictions set by safety regulations. Here is an overview of what you can take with you: 


  • Solid foods such as bread, biscuits, fruit, sandwiches and other dry foods can be transported without restriction in both hand luggage and checked baggage.

  • Liquid or gel foods larger than 100 ml should be placed in checked baggage. Liquid and gel foodstuffs up to 100 ml may be carried in hand luggage in an air-tight bag with a maximum capacity of one litre.

2. Medication:

  • Medicines in solid form (tablets, capsules) can be transported in hand luggage and checked baggage without restrictions.

  • Liquid medicines, syrups and other liquid forms of medicines may be carried in hand luggage in quantities greater than 100 ml. It is advisable to carry a doctor's prescription or a health declaration confirming the need for the medication. These items must be removed from the bag and reported at security check.

It's always a good idea to check with the specific airline you're flying with about their specific rules regarding the carriage of food and medication, as they may vary. In addition, if you have special dietary requirements or need special medical precautions, it is a good idea to inform the airline in advance.

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