How to book your flight

Choice of departure and arrival point

Select your departure and arrival point. If you need a different departure point, enter a country to see a list of all destinations you can book a flight to. Select the desired departure point. Continue in the same way to select your arrival destination.

Departure and arrival date selection

Enter the desired departure and arrival dates. You can enter the arrival and departure dates manually in the form field or by clicking on the overview calendar. Click on the desired date to select the "Departure/Arrival" date. An overview calendar with all the dates will be displayed. Click on the desired date to select the "Departure/Arrival" date.

Choice of ticket type

Select the type of ticket „Return/Direction“

Passenger selection

Select the passenger (you) or other passengers according to their age on the day of departure.

Selecting the view of found flights

If you leave "All flights" checked, you will see all flights that match the input data after the search. In this case, flights for which there are no longer available tickets or the flight is no longer available for other reasons will also be displayed. If "Available flights only" is checked, only available flights will be displayed automatically after the search, i.e. the tickets should be available. We recommend this option, it will save you a lot of time. If you want to further refine the input data to find the desired ticket, click on "Show advanced search“.

Search for the desired flight

By clicking on the "Search" button, the system starts searching for a flight that matches the input data.

Tariff selection

The system searched for flights based on the input data. Click on the flight to select it. It is important that the flight you have selected has a symbol next to "Departure/Flight", which confirms that the selected flight is available on the dates you have entered. If there is a different symbol for the flight, please click on "Help" to see explanations of all symbols. In this step you have the option to change the search interval again. If the fare you have found matches your idea, click on the "Continue" button. Otherwise, we recommend changing the "Departure/Flight" date or the search interval.

Flight selection

The system will display all available flights for the specified departure/arrival dates. For some flights it may display-! Flights marked as such are available at a different price! In this step, select the "Departure/Flight" date and click on the "Continue" button.


The system will display the "Itinerary" of the flight. In this step you can check all the information related to the flight you have selected. Click on the "Continue" button.

Fill in the form with your personal data. In this step you can choose how your ticket will be delivered to you (for more information, see the menu "For passengers" here you can also find how you can pay for your tickets). We recommend choosing an electronic ticket, which has a number of advantages. Lastly, click on I accept the terms and conditions and tick the "Continue" button.

Payment method

The system will again display the complete "Itinerary" and the information you entered on the previous page. We recommend to check them properly! If everything is in order, enter the way you will pay for the tickets and press the "Book" button. From this point on, the ticket is booked in the system. You will be redirected to the payment gateway or you will receive a confirmation email within 60 seconds, including the payment terms.

Please note: If the ticket has already been paid for you cannot change the names of the passengers.