How to save

How to save when buying a flight ticket ?

Buy low cost airline tickets .Low cost airline ticket prices are compressed to a minimum price. Compared to conventional airlines, the difference in ticket price is sometimes very clear. The pricing policy of low cost airlines is to keep the cost of transportation to a minimum. This reduction is then reflected in the quality of the transport.

Low-cost airlines do not include food and beverages in the ticket price, and in most cases also do not include luggage.Another difference compared to conventional airlines is the increase in capacity, i.e. more seats on the plane at the expense of reduced legroom, seats do not have to be reclining. Simply put, the low price of the ticket is compensated by lower transport comfort.

Take advantage of less busy airports

One of the components of the ticket price is airport taxes. The amount of the airport tax is determined by the individual airports. In most cases, less busy airports charge airlines lower airport taxes. That is, the airport tax of an airport in the city centre will be higher than the airport tax of an airport on the outskirts or a few kilometres from the city.

Booking tickets via online systems

Another component of the ticket price is the transaction fee. The transaction fee is the fee for issuing the booked ticket, which may vary. Generally, the fees for issuing a ticket booked in person, by phone or by e-mail are in the range of EUR 40 / USD 45.  Ticketing fees for tickets booked through the online system range from only EUR 10 / USD 25 .

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Book your tickets well in advance

The price of tickets increases as the departure date approaches. The price of a ticket booked several months before departure is in most cases much lower than the price of a ticket booked a week before departure.

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